About Us

Abriels FX (AFX) is a professional Audio Studios Located in Ongata Rongai, An outskirt of Nairobi City in Kenya. We have more than 7 Producers with 7 Production Labels within Abriels Umbrella. We make all Kind of Music; Ethnic, Gospel and Secular. Each day has a different producer and different genre of Music.

Our Mission.
To  Always Insist on Quality and Professionalism

Our Vision
Being the Pacesetter in this industry

Our Tagline
In God We Trust


Ive moved  from country to country looking for  a studio that can give me what i feel. Landed at afx and i felt at home.The producers are friendly and  its the only studio where by  a single project is handled by many producers till the end and an artist can switch from one producer to another harmoniously.

Leke Mani
Lagos Nigeria


Eastern Keys  Producer: Eastern Keys . |  Specializes in Trap Hiphop, RnB, and  Afro Pop | Tag Signature ” God Bless Eastern

Tha DKB  Producer:  Kaylore. | Specializes in  All Hiphop, Dancehall and Kenyan flavor.| Tagline ” Da Kaylore Beats

PANYIRO TRACKS  Producer: Klaus Panyiro |Specializes in Oldschool Hiphop, Rap and Cyphers | Tagline ” Run the City”

BLESSED MUSIC  Producer: Mr. Blessed| Specializes in Gospel, Reggae, Lingala and Zouk | Tagline ” Mr Blessed on the Beat